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Atlantic Technology intros THX-certified IWTS-30 LCR in-wall speaker

Darren Murph

Atlantic Technology, which was busy showing off an array of in-wall speakers at CES, is now replacing its IWTS-20 LCR with an all new flagship: the IWTS-30 LCR THX Ultra2 Certified in-wall loudspeaker. Designed for use as the left, right and center channel, this unit is declared by its CEO as the "best sounding in-wall [it] has ever made, and it makes no apologies for being an in-wall." Mr. Peter Tribeman continues on to say that he knows of "no other architectural solutions that deliver this kind of performance and flexibility at anywhere near this price point." Regardless of hype, the unit itself uses the company's exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT) along with a single 8-inch GLH (Graphite Loaded Homopolymer) woofer and two 3.5-inch GLH midrange drivers. Of course, you wouldn't expect such an exalted speaker to come without a princely price tag, so we suppose we're not too shocked by the $1,250 (each) sticker.

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