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Burnout Paradise getting motorcycles, night driving this August

Jason Dobson

The Burnout franchise, visceral as it is, has always shied away from real carnage by removing the human element altogether, what with cars driving and mangling each other as if channeling Herbie. That looks to be changing, however, with Criterion announcing a planned update to the game this August codenamed "Davis" that will introduce motorcycles -- complete with human drivers -- to the crash-centric streets of Paradise City.

According to the developer, the bikes will get their own modes and challenges, as well as new locations designed to suit their two-wheeled shenanigans, though we hope against hope for the ragdoll hilarity that would be the game's Showtime mode for those riding a bike. In addition, the update will also see the sun setting on Paradise City for the first time with night time racing, no doubt increasing the number of head-on collisions as motorcycle enthusiasts skid along the pavement at record distances.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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