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Legends of Norrath Chardok raid decks start dropping this weekend

Michael Zenke

If you're in EverQuest or EverQuest II this weekend, you'll get a little extra present alongside the usual money and loots. Cards for the free-to-play fantasy card game Legends of Norrath regularly drop in the games, but every once in a while Sony Online Entertainment offers up a special treat. This weekend is one of those times, with the new Chardok raid deck cards dropping all throughout the game. The cards start their appearance in the game at 2pm PST today, and will continue through 2pm PST on May 27th. You've got more than a month to grab as many of the 31 cards in the deck as you can.

According to the events calendar there are also Championship Qualifiers this weekend. Several rounds of play are happening through Sunday if you're interested in participating. At the end of the weekend's play the top two places will have a Match Play Constructed Deck playoff to determine the winner for the ultimate prize: $500 USD, a "Bye" into the 2008 Legends of Norrath Championships, paid hotel and air travel to Gen Con Indy, 4-day Gen Con Indy badge, and the winner's likeness on an upcoming Legends of Norrath game card. And second place is $750. So ... not bad for a weekend's work.

Good luck, card players.

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