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LG's new Wine Phone has big screens, comfort

Tim Stevens

If you find yourself squinting at your celly but can't bear the thought of investing in a Jitterbug, LG has a phone that might catch your (bespectacled) eye. The new senior-friendly SV390/LV3900 Wine Phone features a larger screen inside (2.4-inches) and out (1.8-inches) for reading text "comfortably," plus larger buttons for aging fingers to press more comfortably, too. Beyond the up-sized screens your $400 gets you leather texture on the outside and a fancy digital camera, though not much else, much like LG's slightly smaller (and equally featureless) SV300 from last year. It's available now only in Korea, meaning those with bad eyes and big thumbs in the U.S. will either have to stick with their Jitterbugs or just keep squinting. We'd squint.

[Via SlashPhone]

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