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Microsoft's Xbox division turns a profit (again!)

Dustin Burg

Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD) is one happy division, because for a second fiscal quarter they've turned a nice profit and are Microsoft's shiny badge of success.

For the third fiscal quarter, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox 360's EDD turned an operating profit of $89 million seeing an operating income of $614 million which is a major improvement of last year's $746 million operating loss. Analyzing the numbers further, we see that third quarter EDD sales rose 68% to $1.58 billion (up 35% to $6.57 billion for the nine month period) and Microsoft shipped 1.3 million consoles in the third quarter alone. Oh, and the reason for such impressive numbers? High demand for the Xbox 360 which now has cumulative sales of 19 million units. A 74% increase over last year.

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