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The next EQ2 expansion is ... The Void


It has come to the Director's attention that the portals to our outposts may no longer be secure. There is evidence suggesting that beings defeating our operatives absorb residual energy which is detected by the portals. Portals in turn allow these beings to pass through into our outposts
. -- Scroll found in the Tower of Zet

The blogosphere blazed with speculation about the title. Cyanbane wondered if this would explore the lore of the Shadowmen.

Very interesting idea, that. The Shadowmen are extraplanar creatures who have observed Norrath for centuries, content to lurk around the edges of places like Commonlands or Nektulos Forest, quietly scouting the planet for reasons all their own. In EverQuest 2, they extruded portals to a small portion of their plane, the citadel called , the Obelisk of Lost Souls. Others of their kind invaded Rivervale and the Enchanted Lands, driving the halflings to Qeynos. With Faydwer's rediscovery, another portal was found in Lesser Faydark, this leading to the Obelisk of Blight.. Scrolls found within the Obelisk (while doing the quest "Into the Shadowed Grove") revealed their evil plans. Taking over the bodies of mortals, they would seek to gather an army and invade the Emerald Halls, where they would then take over the mind and body of the Guardian of Growth, the ancient dragon Wuoshi. With the power of the emerald dragon on their side, they could turn the other dragons and rule Norrath.

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