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Handheld N+ dev SilverBirch acquires Lighthouse Interactive

Jason Dobson

Canadian dev SilverBirch, the force behind the DS and PSP versions of recent XBLA release, N+, has opened up its doors -- and wallet -- and acquired Netherlands-based publisher Lighthouse Interactive. SilverBirch calls the move a first step in the company's "strategy of building an integrated video game company."

The developer purchased all of the publisher's outstanding shares for CA$4 million, or $3.97 million in real currency, which it paid out as cash, a vendor note, shares of stock, and an earn-out based on fiscal 2008 financial performance. It's an interesting marriage, given SilverBirch's experience with portable titles as well as the MMO Metin 2, while Lighthouse is best recognized for steering sim and strategy titles for the PC. Wake us when Sword of the Stars comes to the DS.

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