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Infogrames confirms rejected SCi attempted purchase

Jason Dobson

And playing the part of the jilted lover in today's episode of As The Game Industry Turns is Infogrames, as the company confirmed that while it recently offered to purchase Eidos-owner SCi, the Atari-parent saw its bid turned aside "at this stage."

The timing of the news is particularly interesting, given that SCi last week said that it had rejected an unspecified acquisition offer, though it remains unknown if the publisher was talking about Infogrames or some other mystery suitor. Not long after, SCi accepted a £60 million investment from Warner Bros. as part of what it called a strategic relationship.

We know how you feel Infogrames (or is it Atari?). You put yourself out there, and you're vulnerable. But thankfully, it's not as if you don't have options.

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