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Newman attempts to revolutionize DAP controls on MOMO-X2

Darren Murph

For Newman, it wasn't enough to knock off an iPod nano from years past. Oh no, it had to replace Apple's iconic click-wheel with a prominent "N" on its MOMO-X2, just so it's absolutely clear what PMP is being aped. In all seriousness, we reckon that letter has more to do with the company's name than anything else, but it's fun to pretend every now and then. On to specs, you'll find a 1.5-inch display (176 x 132 resolution), a still-very-familiar opaque white / chrome motif, support for MP3 / WMA files, Microsoft's PlayFX capabilities, a FM tuner, text / photo viewer, USB 2.0 connectivity and 2GB of internal storage space. On paper, we'd say that's not too shabby for 399CNY ($57), but the street cred you'd lose from toting this around would be far, far more costly.

[Via PMPToday]

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