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Prince of Persia officially returns this holiday


Ubisoft announced today that the next installment in the Prince of Persia franchise will release by holiday '08. The game, at this time simply called Prince of Persia (not Prince of Persia Prodigy), is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin's Creed and the PoP: Sands of Time trilogy) and will launch on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

According to the publisher, this new Prince of Persia "is opening a new chapter in the Prince of Persia universe" and will feature a new breed of gameplay "poised to rejuvenate the action-adventure genre." The company also states the game will introduce an "illustrative art style." The DS isn't left out in all this, as it'll receive a game -- albeit one with a different storyline and new characters. With a holiday release confirmed, we'll be sure to get some hands-on time with the game at E3.

[Via GameDaily]

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