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Overheard @ the line for Grand Theft Auto IV

Justin McElroy

The collection of folks waiting hungrily for their copies of Grand Theft Auto IV in Huntington, W.Va.'s lovely Pullman Square was ... unique, to put it kindly. Here are a few of our favorite tidbits from the line.

"Well, you know Jack Thompson or whatever the f*** his name is, he's already on the warpath. He said that everyone who sells the game should go to jail and that it's the biggest threat to kids since polio. ... Back, you know, when polio was a problem."
-Some really loud dude in line

-A water balloon cast from a passing truck, which landed just inches from our feet

"It's really too cold for shorts out here, but it's OK because I have a really nice drunk going."
-Justin McElroy

"What are you guys all in line for?"
-A cute girl in a passing car
*utter silence*
-The line

But enough of our recollections! Did any of you have any midnight adventures?

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