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Sony's game division to post smaller losses


Are things finally looking up for the Japanese electronics giant? Sony, plagued by a slowing US economy and weakening US dollar, has struggled to meet its financial targets. However, things aren't all gloom and doom. A report by the Nikkei (via Reuters) shows that Sony's video game division is starting to turn around. The fiscal year, ending in March 2007, was a disastrous affair for the company, with an operating loss of 232 billion yen. The high cost of PS3 production and development bled money from the department.

However, due to improving sales and smaller manufacturing costs, Sony's game division will see its operating loss shrink by 100 billion yen in its March 2008 fiscal year. While that means it will still have lost 132 billion yen, it's certainly a turnaround from the previous year. Overall profitability of Sony has improved thanks to the game division's smaller losses.

PlayStation, once the leading brand of video games, has been struggling since the launch of the PS3. In the latest console generation, Nintendo has been posting incredible profits (much to the happiness of investors). Microsoft's game division has historically posted loss after loss, but has finally started to become profitable in recent months.

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