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Ultimate Board Game Collection stealthily releases in Europe

Majed Athab

You know, it's never an ideal business strategy to not previously announce a release date for your product. Releasing something like a videogame and then yelling surprise on the day of sale itself just makes one question why they even bothered. Apparently, Ultimate Board Game Collection has been out in the UK as of May 2. We've known for awhile the game was going to Europe, but we didn't think it would hit so soon.

Well, it is and it can only be bought at the GAME retail shops. The game is also out on the Wii and PS2; however, the PSP is the definitive version with the most number of games in the collection (24 in all) and with some added features only found on the handheld. A cool feature is the ability to use songs stored on your memory stick for BGM selection. You can also make jigsaw puzzles out of your photos.

North Americans don't get uppity over this sneakily released game; we've had this title on our store shelves for about one year now. This seems to be an evolving trend: swapping years-old games across the Atlantic. Anyway, if you're interested, check out the official website to see a full list of classic board games.

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