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How to use the Wii remote in The Force Unleashed duel mode

Ross Miller

Oh boy, we're really worried now about the plethora of Wii-itis and other Wii-injuries stories coming in September. We've already written about our hands-on time with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Wii, specifically the duel mode, but G4TV has a video of LucasArts producer Dan Wasson showing X-Play's Morgan Webb how to use the control scheme in duel mode.

To summarize: the game recognizes five different directions -- left, right, up, down and "stab" -- for different lightsaber strikes, while force powers are done with the nunchuk and can be combined for combos. We could easily see how this might get out of hand (literally) in heated multiplayer matches, what with someone getting strangled with the nunchuk wire and another hapless Wii remote sent through a big-screen TV. Help us, Wiimote Glove Kenobi, you're our only hope.

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