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Running of da Bulls brings 600 Tauren to Cenarion Circle

Mike Schramm

As planned, BigRedKitty and Ratshag had a very succesful "Running of da Bulls" last Saturday -- almost 400 Taurens ran their way from Mulgore all the way over to Hammerfall, and from the videos, the pictures, and other accounts, much fun was had by all.

BRK says that they made 200 purple shirts, which were apparently gone four hours before the race even started. The 500 person guild they formed filled up quickly, and estimates say that at peak, there were probably about 630 people on for the event, double the number of Horde on there most of the time. The winner of the race, Slokoshka, picked up a game card for their troubles, and then, not content with leaving hoof marks across half of Azeroth, the Tauren decided to raid Ironforge and made quite a mess of things there, too.

Seems like a lot of fun, and it all went for a good cause, too -- not only did everybody /moo for Sharvan, BRK and Ratshag's friend who passed away recently, but they also raised over $500 for Sharvan's family, who we're told also attended the race and were completely touched by how generous the WoW community can be. Very awesome.

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