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Yawn: Ubisoft bringing Protthea to WiiWare

Jason Dobson

With so many proposed WiiWare titles crossing Nintendo's gold-lined desk, you might think that the company would be interested in picking the best and brightest to release alongside its upcoming online service on May 12. And you'd be right, if by best and brightest, you meant old and uninspired, two terms that are well suited to describe Protöthea, the latest launch game confirmed for WiiWare, and the first from Ubisoft.

If the game's name sounds familiar, that may be because the top-down shooter is actually a port of a nearly three year old PC title, and judging from the above video Protöthea feels antiquated even by those standards. The game will include newfangled controls care of the Wii remote and nunchuck, as well as a number of other additions being introduced by the developers at Sabarasa and Digital Builders, but with Protöthea sharing download space with more interesting shooters like Star Soldier R and Gyrostarr, we can't help but wonder what the point is.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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