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Age of Conan's launch party slated for the 13th

Michael Zenke

The official Age of Conan website is carrying the news that a huge launch party is planned for the soon-to-be-released MMO. May 13th is the date, and the location is beautiful Oslo, Norway. It's slated to be held at the Nobel Peace center, Latter Aker Brygge. Most of the seats are reserved for game journalists as part of a several day launch event, but some lucky Oslo AoC fans will be able to make it in too.

We got a look at the press invite, and it sounds like a swinging time. The journalists who are there for the long haul get the full monty, including:

  • Huge in-game events, including large-scale raiding, social aspects, the dancing game, Spellweaving and Conan's role in the game. All of these features will be demonstrated in a full-scale movie theater.
  • Fjord Boat Ride – A "scenic tour of one of Norway's most beautiful geographical phenomenon".
  • Live Soundtrack Concert – The orchestra that recorded the game soundtrack will be on-hand for a live performance.
  • In the evening a festival is planned in the area of Holemkollen. It sounds like plans have changed a bit from the original, which had this fest taking place in an ancient fortress. From the original invite we looked at: "Norwegian death punk band, Turbonegro, will be on hand for a private concert in the fortress courtyard. Conan himself will be on-hand, offering his army of slave girls to meet the needs of every guest."
Somehow the Nobel Peace Center and an "attack on a wizard's tower" sounds a bit tamer.

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