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GTAIV breaks records, $500 million first week sales

Dustin Burg

Holy record breaking Grand Theft Auto IV sales Rockstar! We knew GTAIV would be a sales behemoth, but never did we think it would rack up hundreds of million dollars in sales its first week on U.S. shelves. But that's exactly what it did.

Rockstar and Take-Two just announced that U.S. GTAIV sales reached $500 million in sales the first week, which means 6 million copies were purchased from retailers nationwide. GTAIV also shattered Halo 3's $170 million twenty-four hour sales record, ringing up some $310 million in sales on April 29th alone. We guarantee it's all smiles over at the offices of Take-Two and Rockstar, though truckloads of cash tend to do that to a person.

[Thanks, PrivateBurke]

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