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Ubuntu gets ported to Sharp Zaurus PDAs


The Sharp Zaurus name might not be quite the force it once was, but it certainly still has its die-hard fan base, as evidenced by the recent efforts of some enterprising individuals to get Android up and running on the slightly out-dated hardware. Now it looks like you can chalk up another OS port to its list of accomplishments, with an early release of Ubuntu now available for the handheld. As you might expect, the 0.1 release is a pretty stripped down affair, with the entire download weighing in at a mere 80MB. Omegamoon, the individual responsible for the port (as well as the aforementioned Android hack), is also quick to point out that it's not exactly a practical option just yet, adding that, "there's a lot left to tweak of course, but a full-blown Ubuntu is on it's way." If you're the adventuresome type, however, you can find everything you need to get things rolling by hitting up the link below.

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