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Around Azeroth: Grand Theft Azeroth


First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your submissions to Grand Theft Azeroth. There were a lot of wonderful pictures, and I had trouble choosing the top five to put up for a vote here. We extended the contest a day because ... well, because I forgot what day the contest was supposed to end. Nevertheless, voting will take place Fri-Sun and a winner will be announced Monday. Now let's get to the five nominees, each with their own special category:

Murder Finalist: Yoe, of <Havoc> on the Maelstrom server, may be a vengeful gladiator, but that couldn't save him from a grisly stabbing death in the gutters of Ironforge. Even worse, his killer is a mere bank alt! Luckily, with a name like "Suspbank", guards shouldn't have any trouble finding him. Note: If you're going to be a murderer, try not to have a name that sounds like "suspect."

Animal Cruelty Finalist: Who knew that dwarf women could be so cruel? Rosoe of Ysera's alt Safiyya was hanging out in the Deeprun Tram one day when she decided to massacre the innocent rats with her gun. Sure, they're just rats, and I'm frankly surprised that no one sent in a kitty-cat massacre from Silvermoon, but it's still pretty wicked.

Mass Murder Finalist: Unlike GTA, WoW has no helicopters, tanks, or other weapons of mass havoc to crash into innocent population centers. So Nyxilyn of <Departed> on Norgannon did her best with the materials available, namely her bow, a small raid, and a pit lord from Hellfire Peninsula. This monster killed scores of people at the Horde battlemasters and Aldor bank before Nyx and company dragged over a bunch of NPCs to eliminate it. The act of deliberate kiting got them both widespread complaints and a warning from a GM. Well done!

Theft Finalist: Of course, it had to be a rogue. According to Banshih of Steamwheedle Cartel, every week, after respeccing to Shadowstep for PVP, she goes and kills some bankers for luck in what she refers to as bank robbing. One can only presume she takes what's in their pockets, although I doubt the Ironforge banker is corrupt enough to steal from the till. The blood elf bank, though -- definitely.

Child Endangerment Finalist: Sorro of <Panda Attack> on Dark Iron thought to show his orphan the ways of the world. Time-traveling and fighting through waves of enemies to face giant demons alone is all part of growing up, isn't it? But it looks like Archimonde's a softie-woftie, because Salandria lived while Sorro bit it. Hmm ... is part of the strat turning into kids so you'll be unable to be killed?

Well, here we have it. Voting will be finished on Sunday, with results to be announced Monday. Have fun!


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