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Agetec shows kid-friendly PS2 love in Falling Stars

Jason Dobson

Refusing to close the lid on the PS2's casket, Armored Core publisher Agetec has announced plans to bring last-gen RPG Falling Stars to North America this summer. The game casts players in the role of a young girl named Luna on a quest to save the village of Dazzleon from her own green-skinned uncle and his obsession with turning peaceful creatures into evil pets.

According to Agetec, the Ivolgamus-created Falling Stars will include "cute characters, fun mini games, and simplified controls." Wait, is this a PS2 or Wii game we're talking about here? Either way, this role-playing game for the younger set will no doubt give players coming off of the Lithuanian developer's Barbie as The Island Princess something else to look forward to after nap time.

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