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TWC readies 12 new HD channels for Southern California

Darren Murph

For Time Warner Cable customers jealous over those eight newcomers received by Cox subscribers in the OC earlier this year, how's about this? According to the flier you see above, a full dozen will be hitting the lineup in Southern California sometime soon, but unfortunately, we can't determine if we're talking "tomorrow" soon or "next quarter" soon. Nevertheless, you folks in the area can look forward to seeing Disney HD, HGTV HD, A&E HD, Food HD, ABC Family HD, National Geographic HD, History HD, Versus / Golf HD, CNN HD, TLC HD, ESPNews HD and Discovery HD slip into the lineup, which ought to make your nightly viewing much more enjoyable. C'mon TWC, spread the love elsewhere, will ya? [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

[Thanks, Munawar]

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