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Wii Fanboy reviews the WiiWare launch lineup

Ross Miller

Sure, Microsoft may be living it up with the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase, but let's not forget about Nintendo's WiiWare launch this past Monday. Our friends at Nintendo Wii Fanboy have been churning out reviews and impressions to give you an idea of what to expect.
Lost Winds (review)
"Without a doubt, LostWinds is like finding a diamond-encrusted Hummer in your box of corn flakes." (Gallery)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (impressions)
"Several hours later, since I was still playing ... Without my even realizing it, My Life as a King had gone from boring to fun." (Gallery)

Defend Your Castle (review)
"We're happy to report that Defend Your Castle is a good game and well worth your small sum of money." (Gallery)
TV Show King (review)
"Even with its total of 3000 trivia questions, you've seen everything TV Show King has to offer in terms of presentation after two ten-minute playthroughs." (Gallery)
Pop (review)
"It's just so appealing to jump in and lose yourself for a few intense minutes. Just don't expect to play it for hours or days on end." (Gallery)

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