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DISH Network's CEO admits to "missing the HD window" last year

Darren Murph

It's no secret that DISH Network has seen better quarters than Q1 2008, but CEO Charlie Ergen is already outlining ways to improve things in the future. On a recent conference call with analysts, Mr. Ergen reportedly acknowledged that DirecTV and telephone outfits "had garnered the lion's share of new customers in the first quarter." The infamous AMC-14 failure and a (relative) dearth of HD expansion options were both blamed. After realizing that operations and customer service were slipping in February, the exec became more involved with day-to-day procedures in an attempt to right the ship; however, he still felt that DISH "probably missed the HD window last year." Curiously enough, the satcaster has just recently felt the need to giveth and taketh away, but if it really can stay on track and deliver close to a hundred HD channels before 2009 dawns, we can certainly see things turning around.

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