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Sky launching HD service, MySky HD DVR in New Zealand

Darren Murph

How's this for keeping a promise? Nearly two years back, Sky revealed plans to roll out HD service in New Zealand during the early part of 2008, and sure enough, all systems are go. The pay-TV operator is putting the finishing touches on its new high-definition satellite service, which it will use to beam out Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport 2, Sky Movies and Sky Movies Greats in HD this July. Users will also be able to rent the all new MySky HD DVR, which was "developed in conjunction with Sky's Australian sister company Foxtel, which will sell the same box under the iQ2 banner." It's noted that the timing of the two launches is purely coincidental, and the unit itself will boast a 320GB hard drive, four tuners, an HDMI output and an Ethernet port for a "possible video-on-demand service over broadband." Pricing information has yet to be divulged, but that tidbit should be surfacing real soon.

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