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'Pimp supreme' Ken Levine to keynote PAX

The hilarious gents behind the fan-swarmed Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) have announced Ken Levine as the keynote speaker during the event that runs from August 29-31.

"Obviously, Ken is pimp supreme," said Penny Arcade's Robert Khoo, "We're super excited to have him open up the show."

Levine, who has recently been iconized for his work on the critical and commercial smash-hit BioShock, will lead the charge at the event which also includes musical guests MC Frontalot, FreezePop, the MiniBosses, and Jonathan Coulton of 'Still Alive' fame.

PAX also welcomes back the Omegathon, in which twenty randomly-selected PAX pre-registrants compete against each other in various gaming events ranging from table-top to the electronic games. Winner of the 2008 Omegathon will score a trip for two to the Tokyo Game Show, along with $5,000 in spending skrilla (that's OG street for monies, btw) and a home theater system that is described as "almost supernatural."

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