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Sprint discontinuing Broadband Direct

Nilay Patel

If you're one of the few who signed up for the much-loved, hard-to-get, line-of-sight-only Sprint Broadband Direct service, it looks like the party is over -- Sprint's telling customers it's shutting the service down "as the result of a recent FCC action" on June 30 or July 31, depending on the market. BB Direct was only ever offered in a handful of cities and wasn't heavily promoted recently, but once you mounted the 14-inch diamond-shaped antenna on your roof, you basically got ADSL-class service -- which makes Sprint's offer to switch users to EV-DO with a hike in pricing pretty lame all around. Let's hope that huge Clearwire deal will provide comparable WiMAX services to take the sting off soon.

[Thanks, Gerson]

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