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Stubbs and Gauntlet now on Xbox Originals


It's time for some new Xbox Originals, kids! This time we get Stubbs the Zombie and Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows. Stubbs was created by Wideload, the studio behind the upcoming Hail to the Chimp. Those who fancy playing the role of a zombie (as opposed to ruthlessly slaughtering them) should definitely take note. Seven Sorrows successfully managed to fall off the radar, probably thanks to the fact that it launched in December of 2005. You may recall a certain console that launched a month prior. While it may have been overlooked, Seven Sorrows is unique in the Gauntlet series as it was originally developed by industry vet John Romero (best known for the awesome Doom series or the awful Daikatana, depending on your point of view). He left the project (and Midway) just months prior to completion.

Of the two 1200 MS Point ($15) titles, Stubbs seems to be the better value, as Amazon has the retail version's used price pegged at around $25, whereas Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows hovers right around the $17 dollar mark with shipping.

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