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Apple Games profiles Sid Meier


Apple Games has posted an article about one of my favorite game developers, the great Sid Meier, designer of Pirates! and probably the best game ever made, Civilization (although in my humble opinion, Alpha Centauri is the best Civ, but I digress). There are quite a few good anecdotes in there, about how Meier got his start in videogames (like all great men, he got caught bragging that he could do something better), and the fact that apparently Civ got canned before it was finished -- good thing they decided to give it a second go.

Unfortunately, there's no real indication why Meier is being profiled -- the Mac version of Civ IV was released a few years ago, and the new Civilization Revolution is supposedly console-specific (which doesn't mean I won't be playing it on my 360). Maybe Apple just loves Sid as much as we do (Happy We Love the Emperor Day)? Or maybe we'll see -- I hesitate to even dream it, for fear that it might be true -- an iPhone version of Civ in the App Store come June?

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