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Mac sales spike in April


It may be the cruelest month, but for Mac buyers apparently April was hotter than the middle of summer, AppleInsider reports. An analyst note from Lehman Brothers quotes NPD data with a 50% year-over-year boost in Mac sales last month, combined with a 15% bump in iPod unit sales for the same period versus the year-ago data.

Granted, in April of last year we didn't yet have Leopard to entice buyers, and the product line was beginning to seem a trifle long in the tooth, but what's impressive to me about this sales surge is that it smiles in the face of economic uncertainty, increased cost of living and general fiscal heebie-jeebies. Do Macs make people feel more secure and happier, or do they just seem like a more stable and dependable choice versus buying a new PC and having to roll forward to Vista?

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