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Nintendo wants you to play for you (and celebrities)


Nintendo has launched a slick new website based on their new DS ad campaign, which features celebrities America Ferrera, Carrie Underwood and Liv Tyler looking very much like people having fun with DS Lites. The site is called "I Play For Me" and includes new commercials (we thought Liv Tyler was way too excited about writing her own name in Brain Age, but then we saw her excellently looped "L"), as well as video interviews with the three stars about their DS-playing habits. Basically, the pick-up-and-play nature of the handheld fits well with busy people. Oh, and girls can play games too.

The real irony of this ad campaign is that if you played for you, you'd have a DS by now. This is for people who would ostensibly play to be like these famous people. Of course, to truly be like these three, you'd have to take money from Nintendo in order to play DS, instead of giving Nintendo money.

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