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Metareview -- Haze (PS3)

Justin McElroy

There was a not unconsiderable amount of debate about Haze yesterday, with IGN giving it a 4.5 and Free Radical Design's feelings being terribly hurt. (We believe "MEGAowch" was the soon-to-be-a-meme that was used.) Now there's a wider spectrum of reviews available and while scores fall on both sides of the 4.5 mark, all the reviewers seem to be wishing there was a clever way of fitting the word "meh" into "Haze." (There isn't yet, but we've got our top people on it.)
  • Giant Bomb (40/100): "Haze attempts to deal with the concept of wartime propaganda and how troop morale is the most important thing an army can have. But it does it in such a blatant way that it's hard to care about the point the game's story is trying to make. Tack on a short campaign, dull weapons, lame enemy artificial intelligence, and lackluster multiplayer options and you're left with a game that occasionally looks nice, but not much else."
  • Game Informer (64/100): "Though the drug Nectar hardly makes Haze a good game, when Free Radical takes it away a quarter of the way through, the game world suddenly feels barren, and you long for one last hit to make the drab experience mildly interesting again. So much for Haze being a killer app for the PS3."
  • Gamer's Hell (65/100): "Free Radical's newest FPS tries to push boundaries, in both the technical and philosophical senses, but what we're left with is a game which doesn't do much to fuel the PS3's cause."

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