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Nutrition prof: Wii Fit is 'misleading'


Have you rushed out to pick up your copy of Wii Fit yet? You have? Excellent! Here's who hasn't: Dr. Judith Stern, professor of Nutrition and Internal Medicine at the University of California. Dr. Stern isn't the biggest Wii Fit fan, and has criticized the game for being "false and misleading."

"I don't see anything that shows me that BMI will change, and I really think it's false and misleading," opined the good doctor, who believes that using BMI as an index to fitness is a mistake. "When you are physically fit, you tend to replace fat with muscle, and your BMI probably won't change," she adds. That appears to be a pretty valid point (and heck, we're not about to start arguing with an expert on nutrition, especially considering we attribute most scientific occurrences to witchcraft) but has anybody at Nintendo explicitly promised Wii Fit will bring about improved fitness or a lower BMI? Well, we know Shigeru Miyamoto didn't.


[Via Go Nintendo]

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