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Open-source OGD1 graphics card up for pre-order

Darren Murph

Heads-up, open-source gurus -- your next play toy is officially ready to be pre-ordered. The OGD1 is a self-proclaimed "high-end FPGA prototyping kit and hardware engineering platform, equipped with the peripherals needed to develop and test computer graphics architectures." Essentially, it's designed to be used by students of FPGA programming, engineers hunting down a dev platform or hobbyists who just can't stop hacking stuff up. The board itself features twin dual-link DVI outputs, 256MB of RAM, PCI / PCI-X compatibility, a passive cooling system and a 128-bit memory bus. Of course, such a niche product doesn't come without a premium, so don't yell too loudly when reading that this one will cost you $1,500 to take home. Heck, it's only $1,400 if you're one of the first hundred to commit.

[Via Hack-A-Day]

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