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Qualcomm announces first IMOD-based Mirasol displays

Ryan Block, @ryan

You've got your LCDs, you've got your OLEDs, and you've got your E Ink, but Qualcomm's gearing up to push a new kind of display your way: the technology's called reflective interferometric modulation (IMOD), which is something of a mouthful, so Qualcomm intends to market it as Mirasol. These IMOD displays should have many of the same qualities we've come to know and love about OLED, like low power consumption, visibility in outdoor lighting, and no backlighting requirement, and apparently the first, very tiny 0.9-inch Mirasol screen will be showing up in a future Freestyle Audio player (technology sample shown above).

Read - Press release
Read - Mirasol site (not a lot there, unfortunately)

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