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Warriors Orochi ships over 1.5 million, sequel announced

Jason Dobson

Despite flirting with futuristic racing, it's no secret that Koei's heart has always belonged to cutting swaths through bad guys, keeping their population under control with the mashing of buttons in such series as Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, or in the case of Warriors Orochi, both at the same time.

Warriors Orochi
, which fused both franchises for a crossover fiesta, was released last year for multiple platforms, and according to a statement from Koei this afternoon has shipped more than 1.5 million units worldwide. Granted this simply represents the number of copies the company has thrown on the back of a truck, and not how many that players have actually been taken home and played. Even so, this hasn't stopped Koei from confirming that it also plans to bring Warriors Orochi 2 to North America, giving PS2 and Xbox 360 players another means to sacrifice thumbs and delete evil doers en masse this September.

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