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Windy x Windam uses the standard fighting game storyline


Except for the (necessarily) strange aspect ratio, Ninja Studio's Windy x Windam seems as straightforward a 2D fighter as you could get. Completely 2D sprites and backgrounds depict a fighting tournament in which each participant enters for their own personal reasons.

Thanks to character profiles, we know a bit more about a few of the non-Izuna characters: Ashley sells flowers on the street (and is fighting for equality in the world or something). Kiriku is a self-taught swordsman who enters the fighting tournament to help his injured sister. Stein is a robot who wants freedom and searches for his creator. (Izuna, of course, is in the tournament for money.)

It's a good thing story doesn't matter in fighting games, because Windy x Windam is turning out to be a pastiche of fighting game cliches so far. Oh, maybe it's parody!


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