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Ask Engadget: Which gaming mouse is superior?

Darren Murph

Okay, so we already went way-too-vague on you when asking which mouse ruled them all, but we're hoping to narrow things up for you gamers out there with this one:

"I spend a fair amount of time on my PC playing a variety of games. First-person shooters, RPGs, a little of everything. I've heard lots of people recommend a certain mouse as a great overall device, but I'm looking for one that caters to gamers. Which mousing device on the market today gives gamers an edge and comes with features that we actually care about?"

If you're reading this now, chances are you've managed to log off long enough to help this guy out. Then again, if you're vying for top spot in those online death-matches, maybe you don't really want to give away your secret after all. Care to have your question plastered on the site? We'd typically recommend faxing your questions over, but IT just hooked us up with this fancy ask at engadget dawt com email address that you can try instead.

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