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FastMac TruePower U-Charge juices up those Apple laptop batteries

Ryan Block, @ryan

Even accessory-laden Apple users have a dearth of options when it comes to offboard battery chargers, which is why we're sure Mac-toting road warriors will be taking a close look at FastMac's new TruePower U-Charge. Basically, it's a $70 laptop battery charger -- not a power adapter -- with a variety of tips and connections for Mac batteries both modern (MacBook / MacBook Pro) and dating all the way back to the G3-era (like Pismo / WallStreet PowerBooks). FastMac is also apparently working on rounding out the collection with higher voltage connectors for machines like the original iBooks and TiBook, if you happen to holding out in a bunker with one of those suckers, browsing Engadget on Internet Explorer for Mac 5.0.

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