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Wii gives shelved Xbox title a second chance

Jason Dobson

We admit that the Wii is capable of many things, arm cramps and printing money chief among them, though even we had not counted resurrection among its laundry list of features. Yet that appears to be the case, at least with regards to formerly defunct original Xbox platformer The Kore Gang (shown above), with the title having been given new life as an upcoming release from Zoink Games and SnapDragon Games for the Wii.

Originally developed by Unique Development Studios, a Swedish outfit that closed its doors in 2004, the game now carries the shorter, and all-capital name KORE. As a title that originally began life on Microsoft's freshman console, thankfully the name is not all that's being revised. Publisher Zoink notes that much work has gone into the game's design and story, which tells of a trio of characters stuffed into a mechanical suit as they protect the center of the earth from bad guys, leaving us hoping that at least one of them is Brendan Fraser.

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