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Contemporary Research's RS-232 controllable ATSC STB

Steven Kim

Automation fans will be pleased to see the RS-232 port on the back panel of the Contemporary Research 232-ATSC STB. Anyone who has dipped their hands into automating their home theater rig will tell you that it can be an "organic" assemblage of technologies. Definitely from the "function over form" school of design, the front panel hides some great features. The unit will tune in ATSC, NTSC and clear QAM channels in response to your RS-232 or IR control. NTSC video is upscaled to HD resolution, and all video is sent out simultaneously over HDMI, composite and your choice of RGB/component. Audio output isn't lacking either, with HDMI, coax, optical and analog stereo ports. The $1050 price tag will keep this out of coupon territory, but for those who need an external ATSC tuner that ties into their existing RS-232 control scheme, it's the perfect fit. Click the read link for a PDF full of specs.

[Via HDTV Television]

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