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Halcyon Company planning games based on Philip K Dick novels

Fans of trippy, intelligent science fiction are likely well aware of the works of Philip K. Dick. This prolific powerhouse has released over 40 novels and 120 short stories throughout his illustrious career, many of which made their way to the silver screen (including "Total Recall", "Blade Runner", and the ever-confusing "A Scanner Darkly"). This plentiful font of sci-fi volumes was recently tapped by the procurers of the "Terminator" franchise, The Halcyon Company, who plan on publishing two games based on Dick's work following the release of their current project, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

We've got high hopes for any games based on the incredible narratives of this cyberpunk scribe, though Halcyon's blank game development resumé fills us with an appropriate amount of trepidation. We urge the fledgling publisher to follow the example set by EA's 1997 point-and-click adaptation of "Blade Runner", and to shy away from including sequences featuring a poorly rendered version of California's governor being repeatedly kicked in the penis by mutant dwarves.

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