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Prince of Persia's concept 'Elika' is unmistakably Natalie Portman

Ross Miller

Take a close look at this concept art for the new Prince of Persia. Does it seem familiar? To us, the model is unmistakably reminiscent of actress Natalie Portman. Some, but not all, of that familiarity has transferred over to the in-game model. Was Portman an artistic inspiration? Is she directly involved? Our attempts to reach Ubisoft's Montreal offices resulted in failure.

The use of real-life personalities in games and game design is not unprecedented. The default Commander Shepherd model in Mass Effect is based on Dutch model Mark Vanderloo. Chell, the protagonist in Portal, is based on voice actress Alésia Glidewell, and Kristen Bell not only provided her likeness but also voiced a character in Assassin's Creed. Not to mention, of course, nearly every video game based on a movie or TV show.

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