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Target Terror targets a sequel

Candace Savino

There are only two ways to think of Target Terror: bad, or awesomely bad. The game is so ridiculous that it's in the same vein as the cheesiest of low-budget movies. It may surprise you, then, that the inspiration for Target Terror came from something as serious as the events of 9/11. Eugene Jarvis, the head of Raw Thrills, recently told MTV Multiplayer, "I think video games spend too much time in fantasy realms of little relevance to life today. The 9/11 story is so rich in action, destruction, death, heroism, megalomania, patriotism and paranoia that it begs for a video game to be made. What red-blooded American would not want to turn back time and heroically change history?"

You may be even more surprised, however, to learn that there's a sequel on the way. Jarvis promises a more fleshed out storyline, oddly enough (that doesn't seem like something that Target Terror fans would be concerned about). The game will stay true to its fanbase, though, as players can still shoot terrorists and enemies in the nuts.

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