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WoW Moviewatch: Mr. Lonely (previously Heart of the Wild)

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Update: Andrige, as you can see in the comments, has asked us to not post his movie -- he says that it wasn't done (though the movie was publicly available, and still is at the link below). So instead, we've decided to bring you an oldie but a goodie today: Mr. Lonely, based on a song by Akon (that has one NSFW lyric in it). We'll see Heart of the Wild here again when it's ready to go.

Believe it or not, at 13 minutes, this isn't the finished movie. Andrige, the creator of Heart of the Wild, has a 40 page script that he estimates will fill an hour and a half of movie time! Apparently he's even adding chapter links to the main video as he goes along! He describes the film as taking place during the invasion of Qiraji, but with his own twist to the story.

Heart of the Wild is a beautiful machinima, where Modelview characters aren't the main focus, however there are some things to point out. There is a lot of text to read on the screen, and sometimes, it's not easy to read it. Voiceovers and voice acting would solve this problem if done right, or at the very least, he could make the text stand out more against the backdrop. This series has the potential to become wildly successful, so keep your eye on it!


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