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Microsoft expecting 50 percent growth annually for Windows Mobile

Chris Ziegler

Brushing aside threats from Android, the impending 3G iPhone juggernaut, and all other comers, Microsoft's managing director of embedded devices for the Asian region says that the company fully expects Windows Mobile to do double-digit volume growth in both 2008 and 2009. Oh, but wait -- not just double digit growth, but a full 50 percent is being tossed around as a minimum. Them's fightin' words, and though much of that growth is said to be coming from the US and Europe, more is being seen in emerging markets like Brazil and India where the platform is less likely to be stealing market share from its competitors as it cashes in. If all goes according to Microsoft's plan, 20 million WinMo-equipped units will have been sold in the fiscal year ending next month, so any way you slice it, they're projecting some serious numbers as we round out the decade.

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