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The fan art of Warcraft

Zach Yonzon

I write a little, mostly intermittent column called The Art of War(craft). As it's a PvP column, I actually intended for it to be a play on Sun Tzu's The Art of War. On the other hand, I'm also an artist and I found that my recent trip to Internet-less limbo gave me enough time off from World of Warcraft and blogging about it to actually work on some illustrations. Of course, being the true WoW addict that I am, what better way to celebrate my withdrawal symptoms than by drawing Warcraft-related art?

I put WoW Model Viewer to good use as I used it as a reference for drawing. Being unable to go online to take actual character screenshots, I drew up a list of my wife's character's gear from memory and added some flair of my own, such as an exaggerated off-hand tome. It was my very first time working on Corel Painter, so I struggled a while with my colors. I was rather pleased by the result, though, specially on Jhuutom, her Warlock's felhunter. In the tradition of true World of Warcraft addiction, I've been working on my own character art as well. A larger-sized image after the jump. Pogi points to the first one who can identify the weapon she's holding.

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