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WAR's Dwarf mounts are real head turners

Chris Chester

MMO mounts come in an almost endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and types. From the mighty Kodo to the agile Chocobo, there's a generally accepted level of convention when it comes to mounts. They're usually organic (or at least they replicate being organic), walk on legs, and have some way for players to sit astride them. Mounts that buck this trend are really few and far between.

So you can imagine our surprise then when Avien over at the Warhammer Alliance forums posted several links to the new Dwarven mounts (also featured in the newest Warhammer newsletter) for Warhammer Online -- in the form of personal gyrocopters. They're certainly not what we would have guessed would be their mount if you had asked, but thinking about it, there's something so distinctly Dwarven about the idea of strapping a gyrocopter to your back and flitting about a battlefield. In any case, the concept art is extremely amusing both if you plan to make a stuntie yourself or if you aim to have them fall at your feet.

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