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FFXI devs adjust Einherjar with accessibility in mind

Samuel Axon

Square-Enix revealed today that the next update to FInal Fantasy XI will make several adjustments to the Einherjar venue.

Players have complained that the structure of the battlefield makes it inaccessible and unworthy of the trouble. One of the chief complaints was that new party members could not be introduced into the mix after the progression has begun, and that a player who missed one or more chambers would not be able to continue. The FFXI team is making the following changes to remedy that.

After the next patch, Therion Ichor will be given to players based on how many monsters they've killed, not on whether or not they completed a chamber. Also, only the "organizing player" will need to meet the old requirements for entry into Wings I, II, and III, or Valgrind. Other players will be able to follow him or her into each chamber regardless of their past progress.

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