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Gamers on the Street: Break time (summer break, that is)


Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

Summertime means big changes for many guilds. The kids are home, so players who are parents can get pulled into more family activities. As for the kids, many are looking for new things to get into while they have a little more free time. Gamers on the Street decided to duck onto the Cairne realm to see what high school- and college-aged players were planning for their short months of freedom. Alliance players seemed friendly enough but didn't have much to say about their summer plans. We did visit with several Cairne Hordies, however, who shared what's ahead for their summer and fall WoW time.

Maurash: Level 70 Tauren Druid <Overrated>
Gamers on the Street: This is WoW Insider, surveying players on your server about their summer plans. If you're a student and have a few minutes to chat, please /w me! (And I sure hope Hordeside here is more talkative than Alliance! LOL)
Maurash: Do you need my account info? ;p

Heh, I need to be woken up is what I need! LOL This server has been SO quiet.

You a student?
Yep, starting college.

Oh, so big changes in your schedule ahead, huh?
Yeah, possibly.

Will you be moving away from home?
I still need some time to check out the campuses and such, but it seems like I'll have to.

Do your folks usually limit your play time in any way, until now?
Not really, unless I start to do bad in school.

So summertime really opens things up for you, then, I'll bet.

Got any special plans? I know some students are joining different guilds to try new things, others have gear goals ...
Hopin' to clear Kara with my guild. It'll be nice to have more free time to raid.

So what cut into your time before? Homework? Activities?

Have you given any thought to your play schedule next year in college? Do you think you'll play more, less or about the same?
I'm thinkin it'll be around the same.

Well, you sound like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders and don't plan to be going crazy!
LOL, not for me.

Are there many other players your age in your guild?
Yeah. We're probably never going too see all that end game stuff, though, like Black Temple or Mount Hyjal. Takes too much time. o_o

Well, as long as you move through things together, right?

Well, thanks for the chat this morning! Have a great summer.
No prob.

Coral: Level 70 Orc Rogue <The Kulture Klub>
Gamers on the Street: You a student yourself?
Coral: High school -- but I graduate this summer, so not really.

So are you already on break?
2 weeks.

So I take it you're living at home now?
Yup, but hopefully that changes soon.

Moving to a dorm or apartment?
Apartment in NYC in the fall.

So out from under the parent's watchful eye, eh?
That's the plan, yes.

Do they limit your play time now?
Uhh, no, not really. I've been fortunate. They let me deal with things on my own since sophomore year ... school/WoW/social life.

You planning anything different or special for your game time this summer? New goals, new guild to raid ...?
Yes, yes. I've been playing since release, right, and I've never really had time to raid with school and stuff. And I re-rolled on Cairne in March to get a fresh start. And now I want to check out all the content I missed over the years.

So does your current guild raid?
Yeah, we're 2/6 SSC 2/4 TK right now.

Is this your first time raiding?
I did a few MC pugs back in '05 and '06 -- but yeah, first time raiding with a guild.

Sooooo, what do you think overall? Boring? Exciting? Too much work? Fun?
Mmm -- yeah, can't avoid the drama though. I do, but people miss raid sometimes. That's just how it goes, though.

Best of luck in your move and your studies, and have a great summer in WoW!
Thanks. Keep up the good work on the site.

Thanks again for reading. ;)

Cyanidebomb: Level 20 Undead Warrior <Iron>
Cyanidebomb: I just graduated college as a forensics scientist. Does that help you at all?
Gamers on the Street: Grats! You working now?
Cyanidebomb: Thanks! No, I go back to medical school in the fall. I am working towards a coroner.

Ahh, so this is break for you. Any special summer gaming plans, while you've got the time?
I want to get all my 'toons, both Alliance and Horde, up to at least level 65 or higher.

Ohhh, who's your highest so far?
A 41 night elf hunter.

Well that sounds doable, sure!
My favorite is my 20 Warrior, Undead.

Warriors rock, indeed ;) So you won't have time to raid or PvP extensively this fall, I guess ...
I do that now, but this fall probably not so much. I will be hitting the books most of the time.

So do you just go into hibernation mode when school is in session?
No, I do make sure I play at least a few minutes every day just to keep up with the game, but not for hours at a time anymore.

Yeah, the changes can really sneak up on you if you take a break. Do you play any other games or systems, too?
I do play Nintendo Wii, but nothing serious like WoW.

I'll let you get back to your summer fun -- thanks again and have a great one!
Thanks, you too. I hope I was able to help out some.

Absolutely. Best of luck with school!

Gamers on the Street talks to players on the streets of Azeroth and the Outland every week to find out what Joe Orc and Bob Human think about what's going on in the World of Warcraft.

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